CajaFuerte is Live in the AppStore


Great News!!! Apple has approved our #ionic2 app CajaFuerte and it is available for download in the AppStore. If you’re new to this tutorial series, this is Part 5 of the series: Build an ionic2 app in 3 weeks! where the goal was to build an app from scratch to AppStore in 3 weeks.

Download CajaFuerte from the AppStore


Yes, it’s open source

I will keep CajaFuerte as an open source project and by all means, feel free to use it however you like. The only thing I ask in return is your feedback.

What’s Included in CajaFuerte?

  1. Ionic 2
  2. Firebase 3.x
  3. AngularFire2
  4. FontAwesome 4.7
  5. Momentjs
  6. TouchID native plugin
  7. inAppBrowser native plugin
  8. AppVersion native plugin
  9. Custom ionic theme
  10. Google fonts

I hope you enjoyed this series. See you soon…

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