CajaFuerte: Our Ionic2 App is Complete


Welcome to Part 4 of the series: Build an ionic2 app in 3 weeks! In the first 2 posts we laid the foundation for our new app CajaFuerte and completed the mockup. In the last post (Part 3) we added support for Firebase and AngulareFire2, defined our data structure and developed our database security rules. In Part 4 we completed our app.

Quick Recap

I started this tutorial series with the following premise: I’m working with a customer who hired me to develop an app and is expecting quick results. I offered my fake customer a prototype before begining the development cycle so he could “play” with the mockup and offer valuable feedback.

Our ionic2 app “CajaFuerte” is complete :tada: :+1:

Here’s what we have done:

  1. January 23: A customer hires us to develop an app, which we promised in 3 weeks!
  2. January 30: Our mockup is complete and our customer happy
  3. February 6: Our App is Complete (1 week ahead of schedule)

TL;DR - In a Hurry?

If you’re like me, you probably want to just dive into the code instead of reading this post. So here it is:

  1. Get the code from this GitHub Repo
  2. Test drive the finished app in Ionic View ID: 7a8e133b
  3. Download the app from the App Store (coming soon)

The commit below will show you what I did to finish the app



What’s next?

Since I have an iPhone, I will publish the app to the App Store first and see what happens after that!

I hope you enjoyed this series. See you soon…

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