My First Ionic App - MoneyLeash


Money Leash is a Personal Expense and Budget tracking app developed with Ionic Framework 1.1 and Firebase as the backend.

I discovered the Ionic Framework back in April 2015 and I became addicted almost immediately. This app is a work in progress and the result of the itch I had to get out of my comfort zone and experiment with new technologies. Ultimate goal? To bring it to the App Store and Google Play.

Quick Start

To install and preview this app on your phone

  1. Install Ionic by following the Getting Started instructions:
  2. Create a blank starter app
  3. Replace the content in the www folder with the contents from this GIT Repository
  4. And preview your app as usual (browser and/or Ionic View). If you have a MAC, you can build it directly into your iPhone

Firebase Data Structure

The database structure gets built automatically from the app when you register a user for the first time. No need to manually buld the schema. But here it is to give you an idea of how the data is organized.

Firebase Security and Rules

The Firebase Security Rules for MoneyLeash can be found in the Gist below. A user is granted access (read/write) by house_id and the security rules have been tested to guarantee no unauthorized access is allowed.

See Rules Here

Live Demo

Money Leash Demo


This is a work inprogress and your feedback/help would be greatly appreciated!

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Luis Cabrera is a family man and a dedicated dad. He lives in Florida, where he works as an Applications Architect for one of the most recognizable brands in the US. In his spare time, Luis likes to develop apps using ionic and Firebase. Aside from technology and family, he enjoys the outdoors and working on his horse farm.

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